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Get On The Good Foot This Summer

I am pleased to announce that I have a summer residency spinning in the beer garden at The Farmhouse Tap & Grill every Thursday night. Come grab some of the best beer in town while I serve up classic and new-school Funk, R&B, Soul and maybe just a touch of House in the mix as well. Fun(k) starts at 6pm. Come down to get down!

Funk Thursday's Cover Photo- JB

Let’s Get Down

Okosky Wedding3

This is Stacie. See that look on her face? Yup. She’s having an awesome night. And so did her guests. It was truly a fantastic evening from beginning to end and I was honored to be part of it.

There is no bigger day than your wedding and having just the right music can elevate it from average to exceptional. That’s where I come in. For over thirteen years, I have been hand-selecting music for my clients and have helped couples just like Stacie, and her fiancé Matt, realize the wedding they had always imagined. I can do the same for you.


We’ve all been there. The ceremony was great, the cocktail hour was a party and just as the reception is getting started, the DJ starts acting, well, funny. Or ‘not funny’ as the case may be. The songs are all over the map and not what you asked for. And then he picks up the mic and starts doing his‘schtick’. Your guests start looking at each other with confusion and the dance floor empties. Your stomach sinks. This is not what you thought you were getting.

The number one thing I hear from my clients is they don’t want ‘that DJ’ at their wedding. We’ve all seen it go down and it’s not pleasant. Well, I’ve got good news. I’ve seen it too and I’m not that guy!

One of the reasons I got into this business was because I knew I could do better. The other reason? Music has a very special place in my life. I truly love listening to music, playing music for others and watching folks dance, laugh and get down. In short, I love what I do. And if your DJ doesn’t have this kind of passion for music, then he’s just a guy pushing a button and collecting a check. And chances are, he’s that DJ. You deserve better.

Home is where I want to be,
Pick me up and turn me round.
I feel numb - born with a weak heart,
So I guess I must be having fun.”

-Talking Heads